My Coaching Vision

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them
— A. Einstein

Taking part in the MITs U.Lab program was a pivotal moment in my evolution as a coach.

Coaching circles are an integral part of the U.Lab learning, and all the basic coaching tools: deep listening, mirroring, silence, powerful questions are identified by the MIT as what I have probably always known them to be: a catalyst for social change.

The outer world is the reflection of our inner worlds and only by going within and connecting to our higher selves we gain awareness and move in direction of truth, authenticity, compassion and alignment with the work we are being called to do in this life.

My commitment today is to support the courageous individuals who are trying with their innovative ideas, projects and prototypes, to move towards a more sustainable world and life for all


Social entrepreneurship and social impact projects need to be supported at many levels, the challenges are great. Sustenance and meaningful work are hard to combine and the risk of giving in to fear and to the pressure of the system is very high. To keep the journey of creation organic and fruitful a partnership with a coach is of great value. Self awareness and awareness of what is wanting to emerge are necessary. Hearing new perspectives, having someone to mirror you and keep you aligned with your higher self while moving forward is a sacred formula where real creation can take place. 

The commitment to the betterment of the world has also given me the opportunity to walk the talk of social impact projects and the unique challenges they bring. With a team of amazing humans I have co-created Global Perspectives, Local Action. if you are curious about our big project you can visit our blog here.

From the beginning Karen and I had a great connection with each other. Her authenticity and enthusiasm make her unique. Working with her made me feel more conscious about myself, my strengths, my best self, my path and my vision. She has the ability to dig deep helping us discover where and how we can move forward in our lives.

— A.F., USA