Is Coaching for You?

Are you committed to becoming the best version of yourself? Are you willing to try new ways of being and doing? Ready to take a good look at your blind spots and be accountable for how you show up in the world? Then yes, coaching can change your life!

If you like excuses, blame and criticism, or if you think that you don't have enough time, money, courage or desire to commit, then maybe you are not quite ready yet. 


  • Is it time to get that special project moving forward?
  • Do you feel stuck and things are just not flowing as they should be?
  • Are you looking for balance?
  • Do you want clarity, insights, inspiration? 
  • Want to reconnect with your life purpose? Your life's work..
  • Too fearful to share your "creative genius" with the world?
  • Are you waiting for the circumstances to be perfect before you take action?
  • Do you feel called to be a part of making the world a better place but not sure where to start?
  • Are you on a quest for meaning? 
  • Are you struggling with relationships?



i want to support you!

Karen has a gift: she knows how to listen. She understands you and knows also how to make you feel understood (two different things). She knows how to do it with professionalism and lightness at the same time. She does not give you prepackaged recipes to solve your problems but she seeks with you, your own unique way. On second thoughts she has an even greater gift: she knows when to stop listening to the non authentic voices that sometimes take charge and to motivate you with love to change. For the better.
— N.C., Italy